Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Twas a busy day yesterday. I put it off until I had to, but finally took my old lazy butt to town to run my errands. The trip to Walmart went half way right but I couldn't find everything I went after. Then there was the frustration of it being the 1st of the month and I had once again forgotten this fact and ended up standing in line forever and a day. I found some plants to put in my flower boxes and did my kind deed of the day by upgrading the ram in my son's computer then drove home to fight the wind in order to set out the plants. A tiring but nice day in all.

Last night my grandson called. He stays with his mom for two days a week to give Nanny a much needed rest. He had to tell me about his Spring school portraits of which he was very proud. I had told him not to do that fake smile of his during this exposure so the first thing he told me was that he didn't have a "snake" smile and also mentioned that his picture was "gordous" (you figure that one out!)

Today I'm kicking back and taking it easy until time to pick Zach up at school. Then the excitement begins.....

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