Thursday, April 24, 2003

Here's Nanny!! Draggin my tired, old ass but I'm home finally!

After dropping Zach off to catch his bus to the zoo, I picked Tammy up and we headed east on I40 to meet the bus at the zoo. It was raining cats and kittens, the last 20 miles or so were under construction so the I40 bridge over the Mississippi river was down to two lanes of traffic.Then an 18 wheeler wrecked so that narrowed it down to one lane so it took us 30 minutes to cross the bridge. The ONLY good thing about that was being stuck in traffic with Toby Keith's tour bus. (not that we got to see anything but the driver). I made the remark as we sat in a thunderstorm atop the bridge that a terrorist attack wouldn't be a good thing to happen right then. (Sorta scared myself a little, lol.) I was pretty nervous anyway since the lightening was popping all around us.

We finally made it out of the traffic jam , then to the zoo where we waited 45 minutes, in the rain, needing to pee, for the bus to get there. Luckily the rain stopped once we had herded the little ones through the gates but the day was cloudy and a lot cooler than it's been for the past week so being damp already, we were shivering a bit.
I think some of the animals must have decided to stay indoors and watch TV in front of the fire because we didn't see one species of gorilla at all, the seals were hiding out, and hippos were nowhere to be seen. We had to visit the Zebra's twice because they were out to breakfast the first time we stopped by. The new Panda exhibit unfortunately will not open until tomorrow but they did let us see them on monitors so that made us happy campers! We'll have to plan another trip over to see them sometime this summer. We had a little sex education demonstration at one of the African antelope areas that the parents will really appreciate when their kids come home with a whole host of new questions! I'll post some of the day's pics in my photo link. (sorry that I couldn't catch the antelope going at it, I tried!)

Nanny is going to turn the spa on in the tub and get rid of some of these kinks. Gotta get ready for the youngest grandbaby tomorrow, I'm babysitting for the day :-)

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