Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I do believe I'll sleep well tonight. I left this morning, determined to find the hibiscus and hollyhocks I've been searching for. Finally after two nurserys and the second trip to one of them, I found my prizes. I also lucked up on an original planter/birdhouse combination made of willow tree limbs that I purchased for only $39.00!! After wrestling that and some other plants into my truck at the two nurserys, and then planting all this stuff when I got home, I was pretty much walking around like the early humanoids. But my day was not yet done. I had a call last night about the start of Tball practice this evening so had to get the kinderkid there by 6.

His team has new coaches this year and I wonder how I'm going to fit in with this yuppie crowd. ( I think I'm the only nanny amongst these mommies and daddies.) One punk was asking me questions about my "son" and when I finally told him that Zach was my grandson, he remarked, "You certainly don't look old enough to be a grandmother!" Now I can't wait to find out what this manchild does to make a living. I'd be willing to bet that ass kissing is part of the job description!!!

On Thursday we have Zoo day with 50 kinderkids and another tball practice that evening. I'll be a babbling idiot by Friday morning!!

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