Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Rose Blooms This Spring

This is a floribunda type rose because it's blooms flower in clusters.  The closest I can come to a name for this beauty (which I picked out years ago because it reminded me of the old fashioned roses my grandmothers grew)  is perhaps a "Betty Boop", although I think the Betty Boop has a brighter, more reddish blush around the edges.
Another floribunda rose, but also a type of climber, called Shazam. I love how it seems to change colors after it opens.    
 I also have buds on my Peace,  a little pink tea rose that James bought for me last year, and my two reds (one a climber, one bush).  My new rose for this year is a type of hedge rose called a Knockout Rose.  I can't wait to see how it does.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photo Challenge: A Little Bit of My World

 It's time for our new challenge and I sure am excited about being able to see little bits of your Worlds!

There is so much of my world that I want to share with you so this was a very difficult challenge for me.  I suppose if I were to get my rear in gear and start posting more regularly I could show you much more, more frequently, huh? Anyway, I'm getting a bit off topic,,,here's what I'm here for, to show you A Little Bit of My World.

First, I thought I'd show you my home. Nothin' fancy but it's mine. I took this from the Southwest.
On the far right you can barely see our hybrid Cypress tree.  And to the left is the Cedar and the bare one, a Mimosa.  We have a Plum, Chinese Willow, a Crab Apple and 3 Cherry trees.  On the North line is a hybrid Oak, another Mimosa, and some Rose of Sharon Shrubs.  Across the front are Crepe Myrtles,, they are small yet, but I'll show those off when they start blooming.
I was standing near the Northeast corner of the yard when I took this. Looking back towards the Southeast.
The window on the end there is my little office where I do all of my facebooking, blogging, and other computing.  The small tree is a blooming pear, next to it is a huge Cedar tree that an old friend planted there for me when we first moved to this spot.  He's gone now but I'll always remember 1992 as the year he planted it.  Just out of sight, around the NW corner of the house is a Japanese Maple that Zach and I planted this year in memory of PopPop.

I've just driven the 9/10ths of a mile from Hwy 1 to turn onto PC 201 RD, the road I live on. ( Looking North along PC 201.)
On the corner that day this was what I saw to my left when I turned onto my road.  The ag strip had a plane loading fertilizer to fly onto someone's wheat crop.

This is a zoomed in shot of the view to the South when I come off of the main gravel when I'm heading to town to shop,,,,etc,,, or to school to pick up Zach. I go 3 miles south and then turn west at Barton to go shopping.
These are the towns I might drive to if I turned North from the same corner of the main gravel road. Other towns are West Memphis, and Memphis. :-)

An early morning view of my back yard before sunrise as it looked earlier this week.
Another view from the back deck of a glorious sunrise.
And how can this be complete without another glorious view of a sunset after a storm looking west from my front porch.
I hope you've enjoyed the bits of my world that I've shared in this Challenge.  I surely enjoyed sharing them with you.  Please click on the links at our Challenge Blog to view bits of other's worlds!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Out My Back Window

The wind and rain blew the chairs about again, and we must find a new place to put the trash barrel! But I love the country view when I look out of my kitchen window.  The window ledge needs a coat of paint and a little bit of everything ends up there, but that's ok, it doesn't obstruct my view.

I'm looking forward to the photo challenge tomorrow, don't forget!!

"Lord, I hope this day is good,,,,,,",,,,Don Williams