Monday, August 22, 2011

One Person's Treasures

Our house is sometimes full of grandchildren so it's pretty normal for it to also be full of treasures.  Sometimes these treasures are things they bring from home to give to us for special occasions, or just because they love us, and sometimes the treasures are found in the yard, or on a walk or ride around the rural area that surrounds us.  But no matter their source, there are always true and wonderful treasures to be found and shared around here.

I thought of the topic for this post when I was washing my face in the bathroom last night.  There on the edge of the sink was a little rocky treasure that one of the kids had found and decided that it needed keepin.  To one not used to such treasures it might be seen as just an old rock, but we know better in this house.

Abby is probably our most serious treasure finder, in  fact we see a great American Picker in the making with this child.  Her momma said she tours the neighborhood just before trash pick-up day to see if anyone is throwing away any "treasures" just so she can rescue them.

Mr. Duck, above, was rescued back in the Spring.  Never mind that he has a little road rash here and there, he looks like a duck and stands like a duck so he was worthy of treasuredom.

Abby came in with this little container earlier this month.  The top comes off and there's room inside for lots of tiny treasures that are out there, just waiting to be found.

I look at the home making magazines and give a thought sometimes that this design looks lovely, or that design looks grand, but I don't think I'd trade our treasure trove of decorators with their special decorations for the world.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm a photo challenge Ding-Dong!

I posted my challenge shots in the wrong blog.  So, mine are back at the challenge blog.

I'll try to do better.