Saturday, November 10, 2012

Photo Challenge: Autumn in All Her Glory!

Time to show off our latest challenge shots. I just love toting my camera here and there so that I can stop and snap when something lovely catches my eye and I love sharing what I see. Click to make the photos larger for the best view.

I love the colors of Autumn but I don't like that it leads to longer nights and Winter.

Another shot of the old Shubach barn. Every year it looks more and more weary.
Bales of hay are a common sight here in the delta but there are fewer this year due to the drought.
The setting sun seemed to make that same old barn behind our house glow like a newly minted gold coin.
I have great respect for the farmer who will plow and plant around one lone tree in his field. I wonder every time I pass if maybe that tree hold irreplaceable memories that he wants to hold near.
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