Saturday, June 23, 2012

Photo Challenge: Childhood Memories

It's Challenge time! I don't have much to offer for this challenge cause everything left over from my childhood was lost in the fire we had a decade ago, but I was able to think up a few things so that I could do a post. I can't wait to see how everyone interpreted this challenge.  Be sure to hop over to our Photo Challenge Blog and scroll down to the links at the bottom of the entry and check out everyone's photos!

Lto R, Terri, Paula, Me, 1965
My sisters and I were fortunate enough to live across the dirt lane from our grandparents for a lot of our growing up years.  We didn't have many toys but we sure knew how to have fun wandering around out in the country. We built log huts in the woods, waded Hog Tusk Creek, and knew which grape and muscadine vines were safe for swinging on (even though sometimes they weren't!).  In the summer  I used to ride my bike the mile to the tiny town of Moro to meet the Bookmobile every two weeks and spent a lot of my time high up in an old Oak tree down the lane reading the day away. 

Anyway, the challenge!  I decided to take photos of some of the ways I entertained myself when I was a kid.

Do you remember McCall's Magazine? How about Betsy McCall, the paper doll that appeared in the magazine every month with her clothes and a story for little girls?  My grandma subscribed to McCalls and I would wait impatiently for her to finish reading it so I could tear out the page to play with Betsy.

I spent some of my play time drawing so my colored pencils were a favorite treasure.

I even spent some of my drawing time doing a little designing, like this.  I think my 11 year old hands did a much better job than they do today though.

It didn't take a lot to keep us entertained when we were kids.  We had a whole lot of imagination and a lot of room to roam.  What could be better?

I hope y'all had fun!!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Photo Challenge: Antiques

It's time to show off our talents for finding and shooting antiques for this challenge.  I had fun looking around the house to find a few things, and I finally stopped at a place just inside West Helena to shoot some old timers that caught my eye awhile ago. 

These are Carnival Glass bowls that once belonged to my Grandma Fisher.  The first one is an Amber Sculpted Leaves pattern by Indiana Glass Co.  The smaller bowl is Carnival (Depression) glass in an Amber Basket Weave pattern.  I think I read somewhere that these were made between the 1930's and 1950's.

James loved collecting old bottles so the next few photos will be of some that I think are some of his most beautiful because of the awesome colors.  The largest cobalt blue bottle is an old Phillips Milk of Magnesia bottle, not antique but found with some other old bottles so it looks perfect with the small and a bit larger apothecary bottles. The tiny blue bottle once contained Vics drops. The little fish bottle still has part of the cork stopper in it and once held Doctor Fisch's Bitters between 1922 and 1933.  The little amber bottles probably contained some sort of medicines.

These emerald green bottles were also apothecary/medicine bottles of some sort. 

These are old ink bottles. I know the larger is a Diamond Ink bottle but I'm not sure about the smaller, just that it most likely held ink also.

I've saved the best for last.  I'm only including a couple photos of this old gal but have lots more of her friends that were parked on the lot in every sort of sad condition.  I'll do a post to include the others another time.
Isn't she beautiful, even in her dilapidated condition.  I can just imagine her all fixed up and shiny and ready to take a ride again.  I can't remember her age exactly but I know she's from the 30's.

Well, that's all from me this time.  Don't forget to hop over to our Photo Challenge Blog and scroll down to the links and take a look at all the other challenger's photos.  I hope they enjoyed our challenge this time.