Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Running in my Sleep!

I love reading and I love reading horror novels most of all.  I love that little quickening of the pulse as you try to hurry to read your character out of a scary situation, one you know for certain you'd never find yourself in cause there's no way you'd do something so stupid as that! Nope,,,not when it comes to life and limb anyway.,,,

I've mentioned many of my favorite horror authors before I think, ,,Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston, just to name a few.  Each has their own style and give  little shivers as you read,, at just the right time to keep you wrapped up enough that you can't put the book down,,,
just yet.

Very few of the horror books, or movies, that I've ever read, or watched, have really scared me enough that I was bothered by what I'd read after I'd laid down the book, or the movie went off.  Not until some time in the mid-70's when I watched the original, the black and white, the horrific, Night of the Living Dead.  Before that movie was over I had moved from my chair and was sitting in James's lap on the couch!  I had a few nights of nightmares over that movie, one of which had me being trapped in a phone booth while I was surrounded by drooling, dead, bodies!

I woke up before I found a way out of that dilemma.

Later in life, after I'd reached a more mature level of adulthood, I watched another walking dead movie called Dawn of the Dead.  Once again I was very bothered by the movie and suffered through a few nights of nightmares.  You'd think I'd learn a lesson from this wouldn't you?  But nope, a few more years passed and I watched a remake of  Night of the Living Dead.  This time it wasn't so bad so I thought I'd worked through my terrors of reanimated dead folks.

Well, I downloaded several (as in 6) zombie/end times/walking dead type novels to my Kindle.  Holy Shit I never realized there were that many zombie/walking dead type stories to be told!    And I'm waking up exhausted from running from, and fighting, these dead folks.

Lordy, I sure hope I can keep it up so I won't be Zombie stew!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Autumn in the Arkansas Delta

It's beginning to look, and feel, a little like Autumn around here.

Colorful and cool.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Photo Challenge : Broken

It's that time again and I almost let it get away from me!  I'm glad that I remembered to get a couple of shots of my poor, broken, shelf sitter with her broken leg.  She sits and waits for me to remember to buy glue to put her back together which I hope to remember to do very soon.

  1.  I don't know why these photos are appearing sideways on here.  It's weird,,,very, very, weird. 

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It'll take me awhile to get around to seeing everyone's take on the "Broken" challenge today but I'll make it as soon as I can!