Friday, July 31, 2009

I Said I Would

This is going to have to pass for a post. I've just been in such crappy moods lately that I can't get my head around an original thought.

Please don't forget the Photo Challenge tomorrow! Miz Judy at A Road to Here is our hostess and she's given us a "Keeping Cool" prompt for our photos. I'm gonna go upload mine right now and schedule the post. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Morning Glory

I love these early morning blooms, and the bees like them too!
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swimming at Bear Creek

Jerri and I took a load of little girls and Zach to Bear Creek Lake yesterday.

Zach fished, and fished, and fished, but he finally came over to the swimming area and got wet about 15 minutes before we went home. Abby went over to the dock to fish with him off and on.

The humidity was horrible but it was cloudy so that helped a lot with the temps; not a bad afternoon at all.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

YET, Another Reason for Hating Wally World

Every time I think that my shopping experiences with these people may be improving, just a little bit, I find out that they were just lying in wait until they could think of something worse to top the last crappy experience they gave me.

Zach wanted to stop in to buy some stuff for his tackle box in hopes that he'd get to go fishing today. I needed to buy some drinks so we stopped on our way back from his doctor's appointment.

While I was in that dreaded store, I decided to look at their bras cause I was in need of a new white one. They had some JMS brands that were only $15 that I wanted to try cause normally I have to pay over $25 for bras stout enough to support my boulders. I found one, and put it in my basket.

So, we stand in line forever and finally have our turn at the register. The checker scans the bra and I hear this extra noise when it scans and say, "They put magnetic thingies in bras? People steal bras? Oh please make sure you fix that so it doesn't ding when I go out, that is SO embarrassing!" She agrees and told me that it was demagnetized so no worries.

I start through the exit doors and the dinging begins. I step back with my basket and it stops, and the man guarding the door says, "Let's see what you've got."

I told the man the only thing other than drinks, fishing tackle, and toilet paper that I have is a bra and the checker said she demagnetized it. He takes the bra, waves it in front of the scanner and it does nothing. (it's not enough that I'm embarrassed as hell over the dinger going off, I've got my DD bra being manhandled by the door greeter now!) I start back through with the basket and it goes off again. He takes it over to a register and demagnetizes it again, puts it back in my bag, I push the basket through the door, and "DING".

I stepped back and told him, "you need to go through my bags and see that there is absolutely nothing in there to cause this, and before you even imagine that you might ask, you will NOT be going through my purse or putting your hands on my person or touching the children, so you might need to call the police if you are having any of those ideas."

I was getting mightily pissed by this point and begin to look around for a manager and I notice this wally world vested fella standing beside the doors with yellow box thing with buttons in his hand.

And he's laughing.

"What's so funny?", I ask.

"I'm making it go off?", he says.

"Making What go off?", I ask.

"The security device that is making the alarm noise when you go through with your basket.", he says.

Y'all don't even want to know what I called him before I herded the kiddies out in front of me and we escaped to the truck. I think if the kids hadn't been with me, I'd have kicked him in the hahas, dammit.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brenda Photo Challenge : SHADOWS

It's time again to view some wonderful snaps taken by some delightful bloggers. Miz Lynn is our hostess for the Brenda Photo Challenge this time. She chose Shadows as our prompt. It was a load of fun looking for shadows these past two weeks. Please thank Miz Lynn and hop over to the Brenda Photo Challenge Blog so that you can click on the other participants in the comments section.

I tried to capture the cool shadows looking down into this creek from atop a little bridge.

I've posted photos that I've taken along "Lost Road" before. I especially love driving through here in the Fall. The sun was high and the trees that grow along side the road cast wonderful shadows.
This eerie lady looks out from the second story window of a closed antique shop on Cherry Street in Helena, Arkansas. I imagine she feels as abandoned as much of the rest of the street due to there not being nearly the businesses there now as there once was. I thought she looked lonely standing there in the shadows gazing out at what used to be a bustling river town.

He Shoots!

He scores?!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Kitties and Southern Speak

Jerri claims that these are the laziest, baddest, two kitties in eastern Arkansas. The two sleeping muffins are Garfield and Pumkin; not sure which one is which though.

We were sitting outdoors watching the kids early this afternoon. Jilly Beans had a rake and was raking some twigs and little limbs to add to their little hot dog and marshmallow fire pit. Beans wanted Zach to help her and was trying to tell him where there was a hoe.

"Look a'hind jeew, Zach."

Zach say's, "What? Huh?" (you know boys, you've got to repeat directions)

Beans says, "Look a'hind jeew!"

Zach still has this "what in the heck are you talking about" look on his face so Beans decides to enunciate her words.

"Look A'Hind JEEEW!"

I've laughed every time I've thought about that conversation today.

I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Beans yesterday on my blog! Happy 4th Birthday Beans!!

Trying to outrun the neighbors German Shepard.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My Grandma always told me,,,

,,,,if you don't have anything good to say, say nothing at all.

I guess I'm just pissed off and pissed on right now and wallowing in self-pity.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Emotional Reserves are Emptying Fast!

I've been trying to avoid any emotionally draining situation that I possibly can. I've quit smoking dammitall, so why wouldn't I want to stay away from situations that would make me want to inhale a whole pack even worse than I do already. Right?

So I'm trying to pick and choose the situations that cause emotional stress.

My youngest daughter is attempting to get a divorce and her husband is being a total ass about it. She's my daughter, I love her, otherwise I'd lock the door and not allow her in the house until the divorce mess is all over and settled.

I have friends and family who need to talk and who I worry about and love dearly. I choose to listen, to love, to worry, to pray, with them, and for them.

These things I choose with my heart.

I chose not to attend a get-together with family I have not seen or heard from in years. The emotional wear and tear relief from not seeing them has been so nice. That stress factor is not something that I've missed. I refuse to feel guilt over not attending the event so calling me will not make me change my mind, understand?

I did not exactly choose to attend the get-together that I will be attending tomorrow because I know for certain that the emotionally draining vampires will be out in force at that location. I do however, refuse to allow them to drain me. I'll walk away, ignore, or do whatever else I need to do to disable them.

These things I choose with my mind made up.

Before I forget, Happy Independence Day everyone!