Friday, July 03, 2009

Emotional Reserves are Emptying Fast!

I've been trying to avoid any emotionally draining situation that I possibly can. I've quit smoking dammitall, so why wouldn't I want to stay away from situations that would make me want to inhale a whole pack even worse than I do already. Right?

So I'm trying to pick and choose the situations that cause emotional stress.

My youngest daughter is attempting to get a divorce and her husband is being a total ass about it. She's my daughter, I love her, otherwise I'd lock the door and not allow her in the house until the divorce mess is all over and settled.

I have friends and family who need to talk and who I worry about and love dearly. I choose to listen, to love, to worry, to pray, with them, and for them.

These things I choose with my heart.

I chose not to attend a get-together with family I have not seen or heard from in years. The emotional wear and tear relief from not seeing them has been so nice. That stress factor is not something that I've missed. I refuse to feel guilt over not attending the event so calling me will not make me change my mind, understand?

I did not exactly choose to attend the get-together that I will be attending tomorrow because I know for certain that the emotionally draining vampires will be out in force at that location. I do however, refuse to allow them to drain me. I'll walk away, ignore, or do whatever else I need to do to disable them.

These things I choose with my mind made up.

Before I forget, Happy Independence Day everyone!


Donna said...

Love the new header!! Congratulations on your resolve to stop smoking sweetie! And Yes, stay away from dorks and drama!
Hope you have a Happy weekend though!!(((HUG)))

Sally said...

Yes, I love your new header also Ms. Brenda!! It's so COOL!!!

Hey, I totally understand what you're saying about choices. There's a reunion tomorrow "over home", and can you believe I 'chose' not to to for the very same reasons you've described. I still can't believe I'm not going since I've "never" "ever" missed one!! I don't want people asking me questions that I'm not comfortable with at this point in time. I do want to thank you, though, for talking to me when I've called you; I'll never forget.

I hope tomorrow won't be too stressful for you! (((hugs)))

bermudabluez said...

I like your new look too Brenda!!! Good for you....not smoking is THE SINGLE hardest thing I've ever done in my life....well...except for my divorce. Hang tough girlfriend! Sounds like you are being really strong! Happy Fourth!! And congratulations on putting up walls where walls really NEED to be put up!! You have no idea how much I can relate to this post!

Joni said...

Good for you on all accounts! Saying "No!" is sometimes the best thing for our health ~
Happy 4th of July ~

Louise said...

Be tough! We all need to choose (and not be made guilty about it) to stay away from things sometimes. Just because we're tough doesn't mean we should have to put up with extra crap.

Happy 4th!

PEA said...

Happy 4th of July, dear Brenda!! I do hope it's a stress free day for you but after reading your post, that might not be possible! lol I think you're doing the right thing in choosing which events you want to go to. Lord knows we don't need any extra stress for nothing!!! xoxo

SOUL: said...

so, how'd it go?
did you "just say no" ?

i hope it was great for you.

kimberly said...

i just read an article this morning saying, "the only ones we can do anything about is ourselves....we can worry, and love others, but we can't change things for them"........good for you brenda......drama is just so draining, is it not?

Donna said...

Stay true to yourself and don't give in to family pressures! You know the prescription! Keep up the great work on quitting the cigs. I used to smoke 3 packs a day and quit cold turkey 27 years ago. You can do it!!!!!! (And you will be so proud of yourself too.)

Debbie said...

Well, I'm just so darned proud of you! We can do these things when we're older. Don't you love it? It's for our health and mental well-being. Works every time :) And just so happens to be true.