Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mr. Clean and Me

So,,I was gonna scrub the kitchen sink,,,,Have y'all tried Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces Liquid Cleaner with Febreze Freshness in the lavender flavor?  It's some good stuff,,,so I hefted the bottle of cleaner out from under the sink and opened it.  When I  went to sit it down on the counter, I sort of lost my grip a little and it "plunked" when it hit the surface.  I happened to be leaning over the sink at the time and the amount of Mr. Clean that splashed out of the bottle was just enough to douse my left ear, arm, and get on my face and hair.  I then spent the next little while washing Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces Liquid Cleaner with Febreze Freshness in lavender scent from my body parts.

I still pretty much smell like a sweetly scented Summer garden with an added undertone of a strange, tangy, note.  If anyone notices my new scent I'll just say "thank you kindly."

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photo Challenge : Dirt

Time for a new challenge and Miz Crystal chose the dirt topic. I can't wait to see all the participants over at the Brenda Photo Challenge blog.
The first challenge picture is of the Chick standing in a field of hipped rows a few days after a rain. It's the perfect time for looking for arrowheads, and old marbles, and just stuff,,, I have a family of gatherers, they search for and gather old things quite often.
I did not take this one, and I'm jealous. This is one of Jerri's shots of our Beans who's about as dirty as a little girl can get. I reckon the mud baths our children take do their magic cause I truly don't think we have a homely child critter in the bunch.

We don't lack for dirt around here. This is one of the field turn rows down the road a piece. See all the dust? That stuff billows and just hangs in the air sometimes when the humidity is as high as it's been this whole summer.
This little fella got a little muddy as Zach gathered him up out of the garden back in the Spring. He was safely moved to the corn field across the turn row.

I call this a Zen turn row cause of all the neat little evenly spaced harrow marks in the dirt. It lasted until we had a rain but even then kept it's neat appearance. Told you we had lots of dirt.
Here is the Beans and her friend Falon getting hosed down after another round of mud bathing.

Well that's all I'd better post. I don't lack dirt pictures here in the delta. :-)

Saturday, August 07, 2010

I Should Be Doing Other Things

Instead I've been admiring the moss rose growing in the porch planters by taking a macros so I can continue to admire their beauty even after their blooms have faded.

And since I was in Helena the other day, I drove over the levee and luckily was just in time to capture two barges passing on Old Man River. The one on the left is headed south towards New Orleans, the one on the right, tugging north towards Memphis.

I've also spent more than a little bit of time in front of the dining room window taking pictures of this little critter and his mostly friendly hummer friends. On this day, this little fella (who's about thumb high) was ferociously guarding the nectar in the feeders.
Click the photos for a larger view if you'd like.

I hope everyone is having a delightful weekend!!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

I made another year!

I'm 56 today and I'm loving the laughs. Y'all click to enlarge the cards below, you won't be sorry.

Miz Donna sent the card above and I laugh every time I look at it.

My kids gave me this one! Yep, they know me. LOL.
They also made me a most delicious, homemade, carrot cake. Yummmmmm!!
I also got a lovely hummingbird feeder and some new flat ware. James is making a bottle tree for me but hasn't finished it yet. I'll take pics and post them when he's done.
Happy Sunday Y'all!