Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge - Shadow Play

I wasn't going to do this challenge because things have been up and down here but Miz Donna Staas reminded me and I decided to go through old photos I've done in the past to see if any were worthy.  I hope to some day have just a smidgen of the talent that our hostess, Miz Donna from TN has.  Not sure of these but here they are:

Here is our Beans when she was a baby. She was pretending to be asleep while partially sitting beneath our oak tree.  The leaves were barely moving but there were a few shadows about when she was out of the sun.

Some of my favorite shadows and shades are on the lost road where I have taken many photos over the years.

Shadows across Zach's face as we sit in the truck waiting for tae kwon do to start.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Busy and Frustrating

I was on the phone for hours today with the school office, the counselor, the principal, the resource office, the college, and finally the Sheriff.  I know a little more than I did but not a lot and the Sheriff was kind enough to correct a huge mistake that was made.  Tomorrow I'll go pick up Zach's transcript, get his things from his lockers, and hopefully find out something about credit recovery for at least one semester of Algebra III this summer (keep your fingers crossed!)  We will also meet with the Sheriff tomorrow to see about some possible counseling options.

It's frustrating to try to communicate with people who don't actually care if you are familiar with what you want to know and need to know.  I am thankful for the ones who do.

Please keep us in your prayers because I don't want to lose my patience in my old age and end up in jail.  They tell me the coffee sucks there.

Oh, and I have to get him enrolled and ready for Homeschooling this week.  That alone might be a cause for jail time.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Brick Pile Keeps Growing

I wonder how long it'll take me to have enough to build something? 

I wanted something to drink and something sweet so after going through that dreaded Wally World earlier I stopped by the Sonic Drive-in for a med. mocha/caramel java chiller figuring that would kill two birds with one stone,,,ah,,,brick.  The young lady brings Zach's route 44 sprite and my java treat so I gave Zach his and sat mine on the dash in order to pay her.  Then, all I did was reach up to get my chiller to sit it in the drink holder and wouldn't you know that I grabbed too close to the top and spilled about 10 ounces of that icy, icky, sticky, cold, messy, stuff on the steering wheel, the floor, my pants, and anywhere else it could drizzle and meander to.

Let me tell you, 10 ounces doesn't look like a lot until it's covering the entire inside driver's side of your pickup.

Jax licked me all the way across the yard to the door.  Puppy and Jasper took over there to get their licks in until I got out of those pants.

A tub of soapy water later and the truck and I are not icky, or sticky anymore.  But then I spilled some coffee in the microwave.

Calf rope! I give!

I do the Stupidest Things!

THIS was supposed to be posted here but instead it is HERE.  My lucid moments don't last very long.