Saturday, September 29, 2012

Photo Challenge: My America

In My part of America, Friday night football is still a passion.  Sometimes during Fall football games you see neighbors and friends that you haven't seen the rest of the year.  We cheer, we catch up, we have spirit!

In My America, kids can still enjoy some sports during their days of learning.  I believe sportsmanship and teamwork will take our kids as far in this world as history and literature, I really do.

In My part of America, most people still work hard for a living.  With their hands, and their sweat. Many, many of them work,


and die,

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer is Fading

The Ag planes are spraying cotton defoliant this time of the year and that is some really nasty smelling stuff. I suppose it's necessary though to open some of those stubborn bolls and make the leaves drop for a cleaner harvest.
Boll of cotton, ready for picking.
The sunsets come earlier and while they remain so beautiful, the early ones mean the longer nights that I dread so much are coming also.
These little beauties will last until a frost puts them down. I wonder if we'll have a frost before Thanksgiving this year.

Have y'all noticed how much fun I'm having using the hdr technique on some of my photos?  I love how it enhances them just right.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cause Houston Said We Would

Ok Houston, let's get back to posting on our blogs.  I haven't paid nearly enough attention to being here lately, even with intentions to do just that.  I've been so sad, angry, disappointed, stressed, disgusted, and confused, that I have avoided most things that take much thought.

So,,,,here I am again, not fixed, but working on it, not happy, but trying, never perfect, but still the same me inside here somewhere, and I'm working on getting out.