Monday, April 21, 2003

FINALLY!! Had to change the template but I've finally got some margins back. This formatting stuff blows my mind on these templates.

There was a little backlash from all of yesterday's activities. Somehow, (remember now, that I had 3 extra little ones here), the little deodorizer/cleanser thingy in the hall bathroom got flushed. I found only the hanger portion of this doodad so since the water comes up, and up, and up,,,I have a strong suspicion that one of the little imps broke a portion of it off and tried to hide the evidence. Roto Rooter time.,,,but it could be that we'll have to pull the damned thing up to remove the blockage. This really was what I wanted to do with my Monday.

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janie said...

Hi Brenda, My name is Janie Lewis and I ran across your blog while doing a google search of Frogjump, TN. I noticed that u said u were driving to Frogjump and attending a visitation at Halls funeral home.I am a Frogjumper, born and bred, lived here all of my life. I was just wandering if you might like to email me and see if we might know each other or even have some of the same relatives. If you want to, my email address is Hope you have a blessed day and hope to hear from u soon. Janie