Friday, April 18, 2003

Some things should be simple. Not everything you do in life has to turn into an adventure, does it? This morning Zach and I have been outside planting the little tulip trees. These babies are only 6 to 8 inches tall, really look like a couple of little twigs with roots. I tenderly set them on the front porch while I went about gathering my planting tools around back. I prepared the spot for the first tree, digging the hole, working the soil up nicely so the roots could move and grow freely, had my stake ready, my wire basket nearby. Then I go to get the first little tree. THE TREES ARE GONE!!! I look at the first suspect, but Zach says, "don't look at me, Molly and Princess did it!" So I start around the house looking for the next two likely suspects who are lying in the shade of a willow in the back yard looking all innocent. I search them, no trees. Next I called for Zach to help me do a yard search. We walked up and down, up and down and suddenly I see the little baggy things my trees had been shipped in, but no trees.( I'm muttering during this trek, wondering if dogs would eat trees, and suspecting that since they did eat the water hose, the answer was probably yes.)

FINALLY, the gods are smiling upon me!! There are my poor little trees, lying there on the ground, covered in dog slobbers, dirtless roots dangling, but still alive!! I hurriedly planted those babies and put wire baskets around them before those dogs got hungry again!!

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