Monday, April 28, 2003

Boy I've learned my lesson!! When Tammy says shopping, she means shopping!! I left home to drive to her house this morning at 7:30 (after dropping the kinderkid off at school), we decided to go to Jonesboro so we arrived there sometime around 9:30. I finally dragged in the door at 7:30 this evening. That woman tried on no less than 15 pairs of capris, 5 pairs of jeans, at least 10 bras, over a dozen shirts, and I lost count at the shoe store. I finally convinced her to actually buy some of the stuff or we'd still be out there searching. I only bought one pair of capris, a couple of shirts to go with them, a purse, a book, and some cologne. I'm very proud of my conservativeness. I rarely EVER try things on in shops (cause if I ever found out someone was watching me undress without my knowing it, I'd kill) If I like it, I buy it, if it doesn't fit, then I give it to someone. I really, really, REALLY hate to spend a lot of time shopping. If I have to shop, I prefer to do it in spurts spread out over days and weeks!

We broke for lunch at the Dixie Cafe around 1 and I was really looking forward to sitting in a cool spot to have a before, during, and after lunch beer. The little waitress took our order and a few minutes later the manager wobbles over to our booth. He was full of apologies for the fact that we were in a dry county and they didn't sell beer. This news really popped my balloon but I made it though lunch with sips of diet coke.

All in all it was a pretty good day. We had a lot of laughs about Tammy's experience with hot waxing her bikini area, and a few other dumbass stunts we'd pulled at one time or another and it was just really good to have a girl's day out for a change.

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