Saturday, April 26, 2003

Once upon a time I worked as office manager for an ag app/fertilizer sales business. I was the only woman who worked there so sometimes I felt like the daycare provider, at other times just one of the guys. That only went so far with me though. I found out early on that when it rained and they couldn't get in the field with the application rigs, that it was best if I got as much of my work done as I could and got the hell outta dodge!

The rainy or wet days generally meant the boss and his cohorts would put on a "feed". This consisted of a big pot to boil up the crawfish & shrimp or the giant grill was brought out to cook up steaks. Cases and cases of beer were put on ice and their dice table was cleared of tools. I tried to hightail it outta there before they got into the beer too deeply.

One day I was running a little later than I'd planned so the festivities were getting a toe hold as I opened my office door to go to my truck. There in front of me, between the door and my truck, was my boss and one of his friends, doors open wide on his pickup, and the music blaring out "I Heard It Through the Grapevine". Both guys were on the tool boxes in the bed of the truck doing a strip tease to the music. After the initial shock, I finally had to sit on the sidewalk cause I was laughing so hard at these two drunks.

I've never regretted my years working at that place. It certainly gave me plenty of experience to handle any situation that might come up during future jobs or hell, in life!!

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