Monday, April 21, 2003

I feel let down after reading everyone's experience in getting their driver's license. I really can't remember when I learned to drive, I just drove. I didn't get my license until I turned 18 though. I married 2 wks before my 17th birthday and since you had to have a guardian's signature before age 18, I refused to get my license. I wasn't about to take my husband with me to sign as my freaking guardian!!

The written part of the exam was the most difficult. I do not do tests well. I get so nervous that many times I've had to dash to the restroom to toss my cookies before and during exams. So,,,I didn't even pass the written part the first time having spent most of the testing period outside tossing in the hedges. Two weeks later, I tried again and got past the worst part. Then the day I was to take my driving exam, my car was in the shop and I had to borrow an uncle's car. A station wagon,,a long station wagon. The exam was in a tiny town with only 4 or 5 streets total and that examiner (a state trooper), after having warned me the consequences of throwing up on him, found a spot for me to parallel park. I did it, the first and only time in my life (I can't do it now for love or money).

So actually, I managed to get my license about 8 years after I learned to drive and I missed out on all of the lessons :-(

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