Saturday, April 05, 2003

LOL, it's not a good idea to dare me to do too much!! I seem to remember winning a dare and a few dollars from a copter pilot in a club parking lot once. Friend Timm of the wonderful redneck jokes says,,,,,,,

"How's it going? Since you introduced me to blog, I figured I'd write one. I don't feel inclined to start one myself, but feel free to put this one of mine in yours. I dare you!!

I was just sitting here naked contemplating my penis (men do that you know). While it's not especially large, I find it a magnificent instrument. It enables me to just walk up to the toilet, aim and pee. Don't have to half undress, sit down, wipe or any of that crap. Just a little shake and it's good to go. Of course it's other function is equally remarkable. I still don't understand how filling it with blood makes it stiff and hard, I'm just thankful that still happens. And the arrow shaped design make entrance to the desired orifice easy. It does tend to make a mess when it explodes, but being a man, I couldn't care less. Just try to do it on her side of the bed (we plan that you know). Since I realize that laying in the "wet spot" is every woman's dream cum true, I try to oblige. Yes, I must say that my little dick is a most marvelous organ. It's the balls I don't understand. Why couldn't they have been put inside? Other than giving women something to kick, I see no purpose in them just dangling there below the wonderful wand. Oh well, I didn't design things. We just use what we got. I feel sorry for you women because I know deep inside, you all suffer from "penis envy" and wish you had more than just an opening between your legs. Sorry, you can't have mine (except to borrow). Perhaps this explains she-males (chicks with dicks). Well, we won't go there."

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