Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I WANT to blog every day, but I suffer from a lapse of anything interesting to write about a LOT! I get in a zone where I have to really concentrate to even think of the mudane events that go on around me sometimes. Not that those events take much thought really, but one does have to appear to be alive, doesn't one? In short, my life is pretty boring.

Today I woke up, looked around, said, "oh hell no", laid back down, went back to sleep. Then when I woke up again around 7 I had to do more in a shorter amount of time than I had intended to.

First there was the dreaded trip to Walmart to buy Easter goodies for the babies. I didn't dread buying the goodies, my dread is the local Walmart itself. ( Rude checkers, long lines, and the inability of those people to put things that belong together,,,TOGETHER!!) Besides, I think that my name is in their registers beside a 100 dollar total and a note that says, "DO NOT let this woman past this register for less than this amount, even if she only has a gallon of milk!!!

My next stop was at my little black man's house where I made out checks for the Improvement district bills and talked with his wife about poke salat and it's preparation. It's been years since I've had poke salat, so many years that I'm not really sure that is how you SPELL it. I seem to recall that it was pretty good stuff and a pain to prepare due to it's somewhat toxic properties if not done right.

Then I drove home where I logged on for a few minutes to see if Kat was around before I drove to pick up the kinderkid. I'm back again now, she's still nowhere to be found, and I'm still wounded and in shock over the loss of one of my favorite blog reads. (sniff,,sob,,,,)

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