Thursday, April 03, 2003

After about 10 rounds of "why do I have to go to school" with the kindergarden terrorist this morning, we were finally out the door and on our way. I dropped the kid off at school and made myself go on into town to work for a few hours. Nothing broke down today so by 11 or so I was able to get the hell outta there and go spend 15 relaxing, naked, minutes in the tanning bed before I went over to Helena (I'd been in West Helena) to pick up a prescription and meet a friend for lunch. A steak slam (yummy) and a serving of vinigar and salt chips later, friend and I drove over to the Confederate cemetary as we'd never been there. It's located behind the Catholic Cemetary (where I had been before), on top of Crowley's Ridge. It's just turning spring here so the dogwood and wisteria are in bloom and this made the drive through there quite nice. I took out my camera and got a few nice shots,,,in two you can see the Mississippi River in the far background. I'll post these to my website as soon as I have a little time so you can see a little of my spot in the delta.

Now I'm at home, looking at all of these dreaded returns that I MUST finish, and reports that I MUST do tonight and tomorrow. We also have to practice writing our numbers by 5's and 10's to a hundred for another kindergarden test next Thursday. Oh shit,,and I have to cook dinner again, didn't I just DO that???

I really, really, REALLY enjoyed reading all of my favorite blogs today. I couldn't wait to get home and dive into them. Now my day is complete.

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