Wednesday, April 30, 2003

About those birthdays,,,,,, Since reading my favorite blogspots this morning I've been trying to recall just one romantic anything event since I've been married. You know you live amongst rednecks though, when the only memorable birthday that can be recalled concerned a freakin coon hound.

I married exactly 2 weeks before my 17th birthday so there have been combination gifts over the years (and not many of those mind you). Hubby comes from one of those families built like Kat describes in her blog....7 boys, 1 girl,,,and conceived from hand holding and nit pickin,,I swear!! Birthdays and being poor farmers did not add up to anything special for them so during the early years of our marriage I used to spend July and August every year with hurt feelings.

Ok, Ok, the memorable birthday......

First of all, he forgot it was my birthday that year. He was up with the roosters and out the door before the sun was up to join his hunting buddy and his brother for a ride up to the hills to find a hunting dog. Hubby and brother were dedicated coon hunters so they had cash money in their pockets from the past year's hide sales (keep in mind that I had an infant, in cloth diapers, and no dryer). Anyway, off they went for a day of shopping.

About 10 hours later, I drove the couple of miles down the road to the little country store for a sack of flour, and there they were, parked in front of the store with every man in that part of the country surrounding the truck. I walked over to see what all the comotion was about and it was then that my manners left me,,,right there in front of all his peers,,,the Bitch in me came to the surface. I looked at that dog, I looked at my husband of 2 years and I said, "Does he have a gold asshole?" Men started ducking their heads, twiddling with their caps, backing up,,,,then I said, "Well I don't see anything else about him that would be worth a thousand dollars" I then went into the store, got my flour and went home and waited for the dressing down that was to come. Now, can you get more romantic than that?

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