Sunday, April 27, 2003

It's been a beautiful day outdoors today! The bird house is full of little Martin families making new little Martins. My irises are still bloomin their little buds off. I found, and had hubby plant, two more rose bushes, and two pots of ornamental grasses. The things I planted last week are still living (yeehhaaa). We cooked up some fine crappie and bass fillets outside in the fish fryer and threw some frenchfries and hushpuppies in the pot and enjoyed those out on the deck for an early dinner. (he forgot to defrost the frog legs).
Now I'm contemplating a nice hot bath and a cool nightshirt before snuggling up in my chair to watch "A Painted House" which airs tonight on channel 3.

Tomorrow I'm off to Memphis (or Jonesboro) for a day of shopping with Tammy. I'm not looking for anything specific so unless something just "jumps" out at me, I may not spend a dime.

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