Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I actually had a decent time last night. The casinos are not my favorite passtime but for a good meal, which won't break the pocketbook, they are good upon occasion. We drove the hour to Robinsonville in Tunica County, Mississippi in order to go to the Grand Casino which normally has a very large variety of well prepared food on their buffet. I love seafood, could eat it twice a week at least, so during the ride over my mouth was watering with thoughts of nice juicy shrimp and a big salad bouncing around in my head. Wouldn't you know it though, since the last time we were there about a month ago, they've taken it upon themselves to only serve the shrimp and crab legs only on Friday and Saturday nights. That was sucky but I did enjoy the oriental bar which had some great mussels steamed in some sort of spicy sauce, mmmmmmmmm.

Our hosts, our neighbors, Jeffrey and Georgie, are the part of our family without the blood connection. They bought the house next door from hubby's parents cause we had bought this property the year earlier. Having lived here all his life, hubby knew Jeffrey's family from wayyy back, but I only met him when I worked with him for 7 years back in the 80's and early 90,s, I came to know Georgie when he brought her into my office and said "we're getting married Saturday" back about the same time. So they are sort of like younger brother, and much younger sister in our extended family.

There is noone like Jeffrey. That's a fact and there can be very little else added to it. Describing Jeffrey would be damned near impossible due to the fact that there is no other like him but once you are around him for a short time you would notice that Jeffrey has a thing for big tits. I've never understood why he didn't marry big tits, hell he's had two chances since he's been married twice, but he didn't, so I will have to suppose that although he has this thing for big chests, in reality he's afraid of actually getting his hands on a set. Therefore I am the object of his adoration (or rather my chest is).

From the time they picked us up last eve at 4 pm until they dropped us off at 10 pm, Jeffrey made no less than 10 comments on my chest. When I had problems getting into the truck (cause the fucker is too high off the ground for people with short legs) he remarked that if I could just get my top part in, the rest would follow due to gravity. When placing my napkin in my lap at dinner, he remarked that I should put one up top cause if I missed a bite that's where it would land first and it went on and on. I once told him, that I'd show him my tits for $100.00, in cash, and in my hand. But since he's never come up with the cash, I guess I'll make a will and leave them to him, stuffed and mounted, and ready for his den wall upon my death.

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