Friday, April 11, 2003

I tend to get frustrated when confronted with aggravating people. When trying to do the paperwork last year when we bought this house, I had to deal with a new morgage company. One day I had to endure and audit with their representative over the telephone. The lady wanted to know where we'd gotten the money to make such a large down payment. I told her, from the bank. She insisted that the money was a cash payment and wanted to know where it originated so again I told her, from the bank. She kept on insisting that they had to know exactly where our funds were obtained. Finally I told the lady (and remember she asked for it!!), that I lived in a rural area and this was a very difficult thing to do, but I stood on the corner of our gravel road, all day long, and was able to do 50 sexual favors in return for the funds in which to make the down payment on my house. There was a dead silence on the line and then the lady said, "No really, where did the funds originate?"

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