Saturday, April 26, 2003

I'm really going to have to start paying attention to what comes out of my mouth sometimes. While coming out of Memphis the other day, I was driving the speed limit, trying to find the street that I needed to turn on to get back to the interstate to head back to Arkansas. I knew I had to turn left and for once I was in the correct lane. To my right, the traffic was bumper to bumper and one hurried driver switched over to my lane behind me. I suppose the speed limit wasn't enough for the lady cause she proceeded to blow her horn and ride my bumper. That really pissed me off, so I slowed a little, and started ranting, "ALRIGHT BITCH, look at my tags,,I'm from Arkansas, I'll stop this truck and whip your citified ass if you keep THAT up!!" I was still muttering under my breath when we stopped at the redlight on at the street I had been looking for. I noticed Tammy smiling next to me, and then I heard this little giggle in the back seat and a voice said, "Nanny, are you gonna whip her ass now that you are stopped?" I spent the next few miles on the way home explaning to Zach that he can't say the things that Nanny says sometimes until he is 18.

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