Friday, May 02, 2003

When I was living in England our most valuable mode of transportation was a bicycle. We got to where we needed to go even after the buses had stopped running in our little village. We spent a lot of weekends just riding around the countryside checking out the territory and having a lot of laughs.

One evening it was way past dark when we finally decided to head for home. I was riding with 2 of my girlfriends and several guys from different villages had joined us along the way. We weren't too far from home when we came to a big hill and the road made several winding turns on the road down. I geared down to a much lower speed due to the fact that I did not care to move that fast on a bike, in the dark. But one of the guys decided that he'd get his thrills for the day and took off like greased lightening. Suddenly we heard a faint "oh shit", then these sort of metallic scraping sounds, next we saw sparks flying off the pavement. When we reached the poor guy, his momentum had finally made him leave the road, projected him over a low wall, into someone's little garden.

That poor guy wasn't able to ride with us for a long time after that. The ambulance driver said he'd seen people in wrecked cars with less damage.

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