Friday, May 23, 2003

Holy shit, I feel like I've been in a fight with a Mack truck and the truck won!

We did the Tball thing. Zach's team is now 4 and 0 (cocky little shits). About midway through the game my daughter-in-law came with the southern chickie in her stroller cause she had a game after Zach's, so we stayed and took care of the chickie while mommy played softball. My old tail feathers were already draggin, and chickie was in the wanderin mood. This meant that nanny carried the wandering chickie up and down, back and forth. Then we rocked as nanny hummed "Dixie" again about a hundred times. Chickie's mommy won her game so finally we were able to find our way home.

Tomorrow we have a date with Jerri (daughter-in-law) and Lexi (chickie) to go to Little Rock for the day. I think I'm gonna rest Sunday, and I mean it!

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