Saturday, May 17, 2003

Another ballgame last night. It was storming all around us but since nothing was directly overhead the game went on. I took a few photos of our cutie doing his first base thing, but didn't take many because the flash kept going off and I noticed, after a few snaps, that the ladies on the bleachers below me were becoming quite hysterical. They thought my flash was lightening. An old farmer friend remarked,"Brenda, I told them that those things they called you were totally untrue".

The game was really a good one. I'm very proud to say that our team should win a trophy for good sportsmanship! One of our runners made a detour while on second base to help the other team capture the ball in the outfield behind the base, and after handing the ball to the secondbase man, he was tagged out. The little guy was pretty upset about having to go back to the dugout, but he got over it in good time. Our team won with a score of 11 to 9 so a little help given to the other team didn't hurt one bit.

The two little girls who were giving the coach so much trouble didn't make it to the game. I'm wondering if the mom's decided that dance classes might be more their style?

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