Monday, May 12, 2003

I've always felt that a person who wasn't interested in learning something new would have to be living a life of total misery. But there are times when I tend to make myself miserable by becoming interested in things that are so completely unrelated that I can't possibly learn as much as I want to about any of them. It is sort of like being a kid in a candy store with a dollar to spend and so many choices!

The Kennedy's. To a little girl in Arkansas, the life of this family seemed to read like a fairy tale full of glitter and pony rides but with just enough tragedy and tears to make them so real. Once seen, I could never forget that image of a little girl and her toddler brother at the graveside of their daddy as the world watched and wept with them. As an adult I've watched every documentary and made-for-tv movie ever made about their lives and their deaths. I guess it's a little reassuring to know that even in Camelot things get screwed up sometimes.

The Space Program. If given a choice between a trip to Disney World and Cape Canaveral, the Cape and Cocoa Beach would be my choice, hands down! I feel great excitement with each step of progress they make and great loss with each tragic step back. If they ever take applications from chubby, middle-aged housewives for a free ride,(and I have NASA bookmarked mind you), mine will be there quick as a wink. I think that to be able to to look down at the earth from up there would be the ultimate!

Gadgets. I've graduated from the sort of person who used to check a calculator because I didn't trust that it could be right, to a grandma who thinks every household in the world should own a computer. I become breathless and twitchy when in a Best Buy or electronics store. I love the displays where they will allow the browser to punch buttons and try out the merchandise. The electronic toys aisles at Walmart are left beeping and singing in my wake. I LOVE technology!

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