Monday, May 19, 2003

And oh yeah,,,,even MORE uses for duct tape! (I love this shit)heh,,,
For those who love Duck Tape that live in a trailer park or down South;
1. Daughter's chastity belt. (need two rolls or more)
2. To Tape nerds to be put in school lockers
3. Auto Repair, helps cover rust holes for Bondo.
4. Securing rear bumper on vehicle. (includes tail lights)
5. For kids that won't be quiet (secure over mouth)
6. Spending time with your neighbor’s cat (use your imagination)
7. Removing cat hair from clothes (from neighbor’s cat)
8. Holding can of beer to hand during intoxication.
9.Tapeing rear of man's pants to hide plumber's crack.
10.Hair remover strips for bikini line.
11.To help hide that nasty camel toe.

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