Saturday, May 31, 2003

Well now Dang It, I am slowly but surely getting around to reading all of my favorite blogs this morning and I get to Leslie's and it looks all different and there is NO comments thingy. I'm sure hoping it's not going to be one of THOSE kinds of days!

Early in the day yesterday, hubby called me to relay the information that contractors would be working on the water lines and I was given instructions to turn the breaker off to the hot water heater. I did this and was without hot water for the entire day, and thinking that they'd finished working on the lines, turned it back on last night. I just had another call telling me that the contractors didn't get around to doing the work yesterday (no wonder I had cold water all day yesterday) and that they'd be doing it today so be prepared to be without water again.

Again? The assholes didn't DO it the first time. I spent all day without hot water and expecting to be without any water for nothing. Now ,,another day of it? And what is taking them so long anyway? After today, I will have spent two freakin days sitting on HOLD wondering IF and WHEN I'll be without or have water.

I wonder if they need a female supervisor down there on the job?

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