Friday, May 09, 2003

Sunday is Mother's Day.

My mother married young, had my two sisters and I soon after, and pretty much had the sole responsibility of us. My grandparents helped out a lot but she had to work hard in factories so that we could eat, have clothes, and a roof over our heads. My dad wasn't around other than a quick visit from the time I was about 6 or so. I had to take care of my sisters and later on my little brother from an early age so sometimes I felt as though I was the mother when it came to the caretaking.

After I was in England for those 3 years with my father, I met and married my husband within a few months of my return to the states. I enjoyed a lot of good times with my mom then because we interacted more as two adult friends. We went on many fishing trips together and I always cooked the holiday meals for her and my grandparents. Mom only married once more after divorcing my dad, and it was only for a short time, she just didn't seem to be able to have trust in anyone after my father.

My mom worked really hard just so that we could have the basics needed in life then she became sick and never really had much to show for it, except her kids. I'll always appreciate what she did for us.

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