Friday, May 23, 2003

I'm baaack. Taking a little break now till time to head out to the ball field for a 5:30 game. I'll have to wait till my film is developed to post the couple of pics I took, it was so crowded on the bleachers that I had to point and shoot in between passing asses.

I sat with a friend I met last year during tball season. Her daughter played on the same team as Zach. Terrie is a U.S. Forrest Ranger and has a great sense of humor and a kick-ass job to boot. Anyway, we were sittin there, trying to figure out what was going on out on the track field, when this woman, Althea, comes up and stands right in front of us and begins talking to someone on the bleacher below us. Althea is not one of those people that you can look around. She has the stature of a full grown gorilla and although I'm sure she takes a bath, she never looks clean. She always wears some old raggy lookin something which only adds to the trashy image. After she moved down a bit to block someone else's view, I leaned over and said to Terrie, "I'm a big woman, but swear to me, if I EVER start looking like that in public, will you please just shoot me and put me outta my misery?" Then I ducked a little for fear that lightening would strike me for saying that about another human being, bless her heart!!

Zach got a second place ribbon for the relay!! Yeeehaaaa!

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