Sunday, May 11, 2003

Zach came in proudly from school on Friday with a tiny package wrapped in Zach designed paper which he presented to me, and a lovely card fully of sentiment, lovingly signed for his mom. He made the decison to give me the package because it contained a design-a-mug and his mom does not drink coffee. I sat with him on the sofa, holding the little crayon decorated package on my lap, and told him that this was a Mother's Day present and that he should give this to his mother. He kept insisting that he made that for me, a present for me. I called my daughter and told her of the prizes that he'd made. I gave him the phone with hopes that by talking to her, he'd decide to give the little present to her. That didn't happen but I think it's cool with his mom that he made her a card.

So why do I feel so guilty?

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