Saturday, May 03, 2003

It's been 2 years and 8 months since I last worked full time in an office. Those days were pretty stressful for me since I wasn't good at office politics or at contributing to the gossip that seemed to float around a daily basis. It was with great relief that I was able to tell them one day to "kiss my ass, I'm outta here".

I did have one pretty good friend during that last office stint though. I think she and I used each other to make the days less monotonous and we were damned good at it. Besides she and I, there were 3 other full time ladies who worked there, the corporate pilot had his office there, and of course, our boss, the company CFO.

Wana and I had been given offices back near Phillip (the CFO). That section of the building housed the large conference room in the center, and our offices and the vault surrounding it. I feel certain that we were put in that section of the building because of the noise we sometimes made when something especially funny had happened and so the boss could keep an eye on us. We pretty much gave Phillip hell on a daily basis.

One day, the office manager, a mostly serious lady, came back and handed Wana a list of things that she needed for an audit. I was in Wana's office, feet on her desk, going over some cotton lot numbers that we'd been entering. When Judy handed Wana the list she told her that she'd get right on it, and laid the pages down on her desk,,, right on top of a candle that she was burning. We did not notice this little error until the blaze started. Wana jumped up, I went over backwards in my barely balanced chair. She grabbed the pages, threw them on the floor and stomped out the fire. And I finally crawled around, got untangled from the chair and blew out the candle. We figured at this time that the shit would really hit the fan. Judy had already made a couple of complaints to Phillip about our inability to conduct ourselves in a serious manner. However, we were able to hide the evidence, spray enough room freshener to choke a horse and keep our asses out of trouble for another day. We knew Phillip understood our boredom with routine due to the fact that he was almost always the recipient of our pranks, but when you work amongst more civilized people you have to try to keep them happy too, right? Even if they were tight asses.

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