Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I had a chance to chat with Kat today for a bit, that always puts me in a better mood. At 2:30 I left to pick Zach up from school and he and I went to do the grocery shopping. It took 20 minutes to do the normally 10 minute drive into town. First we stopped for a funeral procession. (I'm not sure if this is a southern thing or if everyone, everywhere does this). After the last car in the procession passed, we pulled out on the road and were making good time when suddenly brake lights flashed up ahead , traffic slowed to a crawl and when we finally made it to the obstruction we saw a big old turtle making his way across the 4 lane highway. I hope the people in the westbound lanes were as nice as we were to avoid Mr. Turtle!! He was a big old guy so you know he must have had some age on him.

Now, I've got the terrorist in the tub, hubby in his recliner, a load in the washer and one in the dryer, and one needing to be folded. I guess I'd better finish up so I can relax in a bit. I hope everyone's day was wonderful!

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