Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I got my Kat fix today so my laugh lines are deeper and bladder weaker. Now, post- fish-fry, I'm beat. (Ya'll will notice that I make up words to suit myself or the situation). We had 5 of the little ones here this evening as well as the little girl from next door so things were pretty wild here until about 30 minutes ago. Alexis, the youngest at 3 months was throwing her "I'm cranky, so I'm gonna scream and fight sleep" fit so Nanny volunteered to do the dirty deed of getting the young miss to sleep. We started rocking and singing Hush Little Baby which I soon learned didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of making her quiet. So we moved on to a little of this and that until FINALLY, little southern chickie that she is, she gave it up and snoozed away to her Nanny belting out a few rounds of Dixie.

Ohhhhh, I wish I were in the land of Cotton,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Now Nannys going to take her tired old butt to bed. NiteNite ya'll.

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