Monday, May 05, 2003

I just finished reading a very interesting article in the 100th Anniversary Issue of Redbook "What's Hot for Mom's" which describes the most "in" things for today's new mommies and mommy-to-be's.

Belly Artistry - "Today's new moms are celebrating their expanding waistlines rather than hide them under large, loose clothes as was done in the past. A few are even transforming those pot bellies into mementos. For a fee ranging from $300 to $1500, sculptor Maggie Stewart sells plaster-coating kits to make a mold of the bulging belly. Ship the cast back and she'll turn it into a stone or bronze bowl."

Chips-N-Dip anyone? (heh)

Salon Services in Labor Rooms - "Giving birth never felt so good."

I can see some cute, little, yuppie mother nature-type mommie-to-be believing this for a short time. But as soon as those good ole 4 to 5 cm marks are reached she'll be standing UP in those stirrups beating the shit outta hubby with the hair brush AND curling iron.

Extravagant Baby Blankets - "Doting parents can swaddle their sweet things in cashmere blankets."

DRY CLEAN ONLY! Let's see, how many dry-cleaners do I know who would clean the poop and puke outta that blankie more than once?

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