Monday, October 13, 2003

Whatever It Was, It's Gone

For one year and 5 months we've had vinyl blinds on the windows. Those things are ok as long as you don't have little fingers pulling and bending them for whoeverthehell knows reasons. Anyway, a few of the slats had mysteriously become broken and sunlight was peeking in when hubby was trying to watch TV during the day, so a couple of weeks ago, I ordered some cute little aluminum mini blinds.

They've been in for a week, and a few times I've mentioned that I'd sure appreciate it if someone would help me with their installation. The hanging part isn't a problem, but I have a couch that is approximately 35 years old and they made very good couches 35 years ago, and I recalled that it took 3 grown men to put that sucker in my living room last year. That couch is in front of the 3 windows where the new blinds were to be installed.

Fast forward to today.

I finally got fed up, although it took awhile I got the urge. I decided that I was not going to wait until a frost, or a 3 day rain, or whateverthehellelse excuse they could come up with. I shoved, and scooted, and sweated, and cursed, and I moved that big ass couch enough so that I could squeeze behind it and install those blinds. Then I had to move it some more due to finding some really odd stuff behind it.

There was a petrified gummy worm, 27 cents, 2 crayons, crumbs, one miniature dinosaur, 4 pencils, a cheezit, and corn seeds.

So I hauled out the vacuum and squeezed that AND my fat butt behind that couch and tidied up before I put up the blinds. Then I had to move that big sucker back in place.

I don't know what got into me this morning but I'm glad it's gone!!

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