Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I'm Gonna Try

I made a decision today as I lit up another cigarette that I didn't even want OR like. I'm going to try to quit smoking come Jan. 1. I figure that gives me a couple months to start cutting back a bit and then I'm going to try the patch to wean myself completely. This habit is just too expensive money and health-wise for me to continue. There are only 2 per day that I really enjoy but I'm too weak to just be satisfied with those 2 so I reckon they've gotta go.

I quit for 5 months, once, a long time ago and I was a regular bitch for a few weeks. I've never smoked in my bedroom so for those worst weeks I stayed in the bed a LOT. I am not a nice person at all when I am in the throes of withdrawal so I may take up another habit to replace the cigs.

I think sex would be a handy replacement. I've heard tell that sex will cure headaches by encreasing the release of endorphins, reduce stress, help you to sleep better, increase blood flow, help maintain the body, increase your life span, increase your estrogen level, and lower cholesterol. It's not fattening (well not for me at least) and it's easy to relearn if you've forgotten how.

Now I've just got to figure out the minimum amount of sex it will take to replace the nicotine craving cause I really think that if I have sex every time I crave a cigarette, someone around here is going to need an awful lot of vitamins!

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