Friday, October 10, 2003

2003 King Biscuit Blues Fest

I left when the biggest part of the crowd was beginning to pour in, but it appeared that this year's blues fest will be another good one. I think the chair person said they were expecting around 150,000 people this year.

I worked from 10am until a bit after 3 today selling beer. I took a few photos soon after I got there but later on it got so busy and as I was leaving it was all I could do to weave my way through the crowd coming in.

The first group of the day was Govenor Huckabee's band. He's a much better singer than he is a govenor! His was the only act I had time to photograph but I listened to some great blues singers today as I was selling that budweiser.

I worked with a few people I've known for years and a few I had never met before today. Dino (she told me this was her nickname) was one of the volunteers today.

Below is Joyce, the beverage volunteer coordinator and my already drooping self.

I took a quick photo of our beer tent before things got too busy.

Next is a jammin blues fan.

This little diva could really drink the water!!

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