Wednesday, October 08, 2003


I MUST lose weight! All tips and tricks are welcome as long as they don't include special foods, or elaborate preparations.

I went a little early to the doctor's appointment yesterday and strolled around the Park Plaza Mall on University Ave. I found a book store and spent a hard-earned 50 bucks on a few books that sounded like they may be interesting reading.

Next I allowed this little fellow to do a demonstration for some nail products that he was selling and ended up spending a fortune on a little kit. I think the hand massage is what did it! He wasn't willing to do my feet though, dang it.

I browsed through Lerners and another ladies wear shop, and found nothing in my "comfort comes first" style and was disappointed to see only those wide leg slacks and pants everywhere (I didn't like those in the 70's and don't like em now!) The handkerchief/scarf hems on some of the tops reminded me of the clothes I wore to disguise my budda belly when I was pregnant, so I wasn't interested in those either. I'm sure they look nice on a slim young thing though.

I also wandered briefly through a gourmet coffee shop but wandered back out after spotting the heart-stopping prices on coffees I couldn't pronounce anyway.

The visit to the doc was depressing. The blood test in question was a high white cell count due to some sort of infection. She finally narrowed it down to my ears which have been giving me some problems since the cotton defoliant has had me stuffed up, so antibiotics for that.

Then we discussed the holter monitor results and she's decided that I need to see a cardiologist to be on the safe side.

The drive home was long and boring, Jami didn't help Zach with his homework, so I had that to do when I finally came in for a landing. I cooked some hamburgers for supper and had mine with no bread (dang it), then I crashed and slept until 6 this morning.

I see a long, comfortfoodless winter ahead folks.

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