Monday, October 27, 2003

More Monday

Do you ever start doing something, then have something distract you that makes you forget what you were doing before the distraction so that you end up starting something else? (did that sentence make any sense?)

I started my morning blowing and going. I got scrubber and Scrub Free and got down on hands and knees in order to scrub hubby's shower stall. That man gets mighty nasty down on the farm so there is all forms of scum leftover from his showers and he'd never consider wiping the danged walls down so as to save me this chore. Sometimes I think a chisel and pick would be the best tools for the job.

Upon finishing that dreadful chore and noticing the scrapped skin on 4 of my knuckles from the job, I sat down here at my puter for a break before I have to move again to do something else. Then I remembered that I needed to take something out to thaw for supper and also had some whites that I needed to soak for a bit before washing them. I dumped them into the washer and added detergent and was waiting for it to fill enough to add the bleach when I heard a truck stop outside. It was the fed-ex guy with a package so I just had to see what I'd gotten in a package from Blogger/google. And I had to try it on. Then I had to take a pic to show it off.

That done, I then noticed the washer was in the rinse cycle. Shittttttttt,,I didn't soak! So I go back to the laundry room and start all over again.

I have the inclination to get things done,,,,sometimes,,,, so if I were also organized, I'd be hell on wheels!!!

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