Thursday, October 23, 2003

A Late In The Day Smile

I actually dressed today to go pick Zach up at school because I had to go to the store. Normally I'll just hop in the truck in sleep shorts, a tee, or PJ's since I don't have to get out anywhere (well barring an accident or flat). When I do have to dress, as soon as I get home, and sometimes in the truck on the way home, I undress and put on my knock-around duds. Zach is the same way about clothes and his knock-around-the-house duds are usually his boxers and a tee.

When we got home a little while ago, we both went about getting comfortable, then I made coffee and was putting dinner in the oven. The phone rang and it was PopPop wanting to talk to Zach about his day, so I took the phone into the living room to where he lay, on his back, in shirt and boxers, watching tv wearing my red, stack sandals. I kept my cool and went back in with the camera just now. This beats all I've ever seen! I've seen him naked except for a pair of cowboy boots before, but this takes the cake! I hope it's a temporary fashion statement, cause it's gonna be hard to play baseball in those shoes!

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