Friday, October 03, 2003

Getting Ready for HO HO.

The UPS guy brought my first Christmas order yesterday. Amazingly there are only 2 items on back order so this could be a year when the shopping will be finished before Thanksgiving. The closet here in my little office is pretty much stuffed full so I'll be searching for new hiding places soon.

I try so hard every year to find just the right thing for each person and every year it becomes more and more difficult to do. With 7 grandchildren now, the most difficult part is trying to remember what I bought last year so as not to do the repeat thing.

Today I had to hide,

2 little girl vanities
1 little girl beauty salon
1 keyboard for a budding musician
1 gameboy advance game
1 John Deere sit on tractor with trailer
1 pr of binoculars with built in digital camera
2 prs of ladie's pjs
1 XLT men's shirt

I wonder when I'll be able to purchase some wrapping paper?

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