Friday, October 17, 2003

Awwww Man

I am going to have to stop eating stuff like left-over spaghetti for breakfast/brunch!

After reading blogs awhile this morning and eating the handiest thing in the fridge for breakfast, I laid down on the couch with an afghan, a book, and the "vagina" channel on TV and drifted off to lala land pretty soon after. And I dreamed, or maybe it was a nightmare, but I didn't wake up scared or anything.

Anyway, I'm at Prissy's house, the friend that died back in December, and even in dreamland I knew she was sick and dying, but we talked as we hadn't talked in years. I baked her a chocolate cake because she wanted one and I don't bake worth a shit, even talked to her husband in an almost civil tongue, although this was difficult to do, even in a dream, because I don't like the whoremonger and he knows it!
Ieven told him that I'd make him two pumpkin pies if he'd bring me a cord of firewood. (the lord only knows what the hell I'd be doing with firewood, I have gas logs in my fireplace!)

We must have talked a long time because I looked at my watch and told her I had to go or I'd be late picking Wade up from school. This was even weirder, Wade is a friend of my son's who hasn't been in school for about 4 years now, and Prissy just died 10 months ago. Was I dreaming in the past? Hell I could have still be visiting.

Everything was so clear in the dream. Standing in her kitchen, where I've been hundreds of times before, I could even see the patterns in the coffee cups, I even clearly saw the glass that almost fell on my head when I was putting away some stuff in her cabinets. Due to her total loyalty to her shithead of a hubby, I hadn't been in her kitchen but maybe twice in the past 11 years. Is my memory that good when I'm asleep?

I woke up about 30 minutes before time to go pick Zach up to school and I'm still thinking about this dream and trying to shake out the weird leftover mood from it when I came to the only redlight between home and the school. It registered in my foggy brain that it was green, so I stopped, and looked south and those cars were stopped too. I looked north, those cars were also stopped. Then it hit me, GREEN!! So on I went through the intersection. No telling what names the folks behind had for me.

Anyway, I parked at the school and called Kat. She always manages to straighten me right up!! She did, and I'm still laughing!

It was eerie folks, and I'm still shaking my head cause it seemed so freaking REAL.

No more late morning spaghetti I tell ya.

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