Saturday, October 18, 2003

All About Being P.O.'d

I would love to spend the day smiling. Just one day without the usual aggravations is all I'm asking for. Today started out fairly well, then I kept coming across things that piss me off on a regular basis. When I'm not in a rage, I call this being P.O.'d.

P.O. Things For The Day

1. Wire coat hangers. Especially wire coat hangers that get tossed in the floor of the closet where they become an mass of entangled, dangerous, sharp objects.

2. Coffee grounds. Specifically the random handling of coffee grounds which leaves a trail of grit on the counter or across the floor. Wet coffee grounds P. me O. even worse.

3. Sticky Stuff. Syrup, toothpaste, jello, suckers, jelly, all could be used for industrial glue, or when dried, cement tough enough to be used to patch those damn potholes on the interstate!

4. Telemarketing Phone Calls. The ones that begin with, "Please hold for a message containing important information" are the worst of the lot, especially after I've done the run and search thing to find the damned phone, but they all pretty much aggravate the living shit outta me.

5. Misuse of the Word Borrow. My kids are the worst offenders of this word. Even after showing them the meaning of the word in the dictionary, they just don't get it. Give me and Let me borrow DO NOT mean the same thing!

The list is short today, but hey, it's just 2:30 p.m. here, give me time.

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