Monday, October 06, 2003

A Lazy Sunday

My Sunday started out with a drizzling rain that kept the deck wet for a few hours but then it turned out to be sort of cloudy and warm. The cotton was too wet to pick so hubby was back home before 10am so I had 2 to contend with all day.

Around 1, we decided to go into town and pick up some bread and dog food and not thinking about the date, figured after this 10 minute chore, we'd stop and have mexican food on the way home.

First we had to park across hell and a half acres to go to the supermarket, then the only buggies left in the entrance were those that were half crippled with the wobbly wheels that made the thumping noises as you rolled them along. I walked back out to the parking lot and captured one that wouldn't announce my trail around the supermarket.

Since Zach AND James were with me, the initial plan to snag a couple loaves of bread and a bag of dog food were out the window before we even got to the aisles holding those products. The first item in the buggy after much haggling was a rubber alien Halloween mask with big yellow bug eyes. Then James decided that he would like to have a few cookies in his lunches for the coming week (to go along with the apples and cakes that were already at home in the cupboard). Oh, and since we only had 2 sleeves of crackers left, we had to have more of those too.

I headed towards the dog food isle once more and low and behold, the summer sausage display caught the man's eye, and of course he had to have pepper jack cheese to go with that. The pre-made pimento cheese looked mighty tasty so he had to have some of that also, and of course another 12 pk of Sprite since the crew seems to think his cooler is the community drink box.

Can ya'll understand why I feel like I'm feeding Jethro Bodine here?

We finally made it to the dog food, and the bread aisles. Then he decides the checkout lines are way too long and he and Zach went to wait in the truck. I finally realized that food stamp cards must have been reloaded after I had been in line for an extra half hour while a clerk worked on a card reader. That's why half the county was in the supermarket!!

Oh Joy!

After we had our Mexican food and were on the way home, I realized that I had also needed some peanut oil. Isn't that the way of it?

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