Thursday, October 09, 2003

Answered Prayers

This time last year, I was frantic and worried sick with thoughts of Zach having a possible learning problem. I tried everything I knew to do, and many things others told me to try in order to help this child learn to recognize his letters and numbers. We spent hours every day working with flash cards, writing, and singing. I bought computer programs, games, workbooks.

Suddenly, almost overnight, it clicked. He finished the second semester of kindergarten on the honor roll. We bought books and work books over the summer but not too many because I wanted him to have a break from school, and now, almost done with the first 9 weeks of school, unless something happens, he's going to be on the all A's honor roll!!!

He brought a library book home yesterday and read it to me. I let him stay up a little while past his bed time so he could read it to his Pop Pop when he came in from work. I am a proud Nanny!!!

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